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Year 2017

Year 2017
 Lived in: Illinois, US

Laying down the roots, however temporary they may be-
The year started with us making our new house our home. Much time was spent picking furniture and art work. The house has its quirks and sometimes maintaining it can be quite exhausting, but for the most part, we are enjoying being home owners. We have moved a lot in the last 8 years, so being tethered to someplace is a welcome change.

Celebrating relationships-
As we settle in the new place we are slowly building our new social circle. We hosted our first "Holi Party" and it was wonderful. I have grown to appreciate the importance of maintaining one's culture in a foreign land.

My parents, who live in India visited us for the first time and it was lovely having them over. We celebrated mother's day, and few birthdays (papa's, husband's, and mine). We travelled to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and across Chicagoland. I and husband have been to those places before, but it was e…
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Year 2016

Year 2016-
Lived in: Illinois, US

New city, new job, and new beginnings-

I packed my life in boxes, layered everything in the backseat of my car and bid adieu to an old city to journey onwards. Farewell Knoxville and Hello Chicago!

I have always felt a certain affinity with Chicago, its a city that literally rose from the ashes, something that both I and her have in common. The husband moved from New Jersey and we arrived in Chicago, right in the midst of chilling winter. On our first day, it was about -3C and someone informed me that the city is having a relatively mild winter. Small mercies.

I hung a big orange and white T-flag in my cube. My colleagues think its an indication of my zealous support for our football team, and I smile and pretend it is. But the Tennessee flag means much more to me. Going back to school helped me fight depression, gave me a new purpose, opened new opportunities, and in many ways saved my life and for that I will forever be grateful to UT.
Growing family…

Year 2015

Highlights of 2015-
Lived in :Tennessee (67%), New Jersey (8%) and Illinois (25%), US

For the first time, I lived with a room mate Lived in new cities, New Jersey and ChicagoSkydived over Wisconsin farmlands. The most exhilarating couple secs of my life, suspended between gush of high blowing wind, and soaking in the peace of floating in the air. It makes you an addict.Saw five back to back movies, starting with first show in the morning 11am until evening 10ish. This was one of the bucket list thingsStumbled across the works of Edgar Degas at MET, and immediately fell in love with his art.As part of our internship experience, we decided to march in the pride parade at Chicago. The experience was amazing.I realized that validation matters, and so does getting the free stuff. Alcohol is not allowed, and one gets high on the love, support, and energy. It was electric.Traveled to France and Switzerland. The laid back nature of the French and the undescribable beauty of Switzerland has lit…

On the other side: MBA school update

Couple days ago I finished first year in the MBA program. Before starting the B-school, I was nervous and afraid that I won't be able to cope being a full time student. Voices in my head screamed that I am just setting myself for failure. Self doubt roared that I am being a fool, going back to school after a gap of ten years. Being out of job for a year and dealing with my medical situation, I started school with an overwhelming sense that I will never survive.
But, as the course progressed, I discovered myself. I found strength and self-belief. Perhaps, things are different this time compare to undergrad, because this time, I am truly interested in learning. I finished the first year with a personal best GPA, an internship in my area of interest, and few real friends.
From my experience, I would like to share that it is never too late to have new dreams, aspirations, and to crave out new paths. Venturing out in the unknown can be scary, but you will emerge a different person.


I want to be...

I want to be a successful business owner, make millions and buy an apartment in upper west side Manhattan. a horse farm in Colorado.
I don't want to be a conformist. I don't want to do things because my family or society expects it from me. I want to live for myself and do what is right for me.
I want to be financially independent.
I want to grow every day- as a person, read more books, travel to new places and experience new adventure.
I don't want to be a hoarder. I am perfectly happy with my limited wardrobe, shoes and one bag.
I want a right size house. I don't want to live in an overly large or overly cramped house.
I want to own one sports car- BMW Z4 some Merc
I want to write one amazing book that becomes a New York Times bestseller. inspires someone to be a better person

Shape of Happiness

Happiness is a house full of books, winter evenings laced with slow snowfall, fireplace burning bright and a glass of wine. It is summer evenings paired with cold coffee, and rainy days to race paper boats. No TV to suck the life out, a steady paycheck, a vocation in which I can take pride, money to travel, an opportunity to make a difference in the world, and a love and home to come back to.

Year 2014

Year 2014-
Lived in: India (33%), Kentucky (25%) and Tennessee (42%), US

Juxtaposed, that's how this year passed. I transcended from being miserable to ecstatic before finally accepting, that in this precious life of mine, I will outlive both- happy and sad times.

I started this year (Feb) by creating The primary motivation for building this platform is to find love for those who love differently. Through this project, I have met some really nice women and some real drama queens. It gave me an opportunity to peek into the life-struggles, heartaches, and highs of complete strangers. I realize everyone is hung on this idea of love, real love in the end is going to save us from the life’s storms.
April, May, June, and July were spent in India, fighting my infertility. I underwent laparoscopy, followed by IVF treatment. Those months were the most painful times that almost broke me. I learned the complete hopelessness of the situation. But hope in the mod…